Door Tie Fix

In our 2019 production year, a few Panoramic Sukkah Walls were produced with improperly placed door ties. (Yes we are Human and sometimes make mistakes!) For a few Panoramic Sukkot produced with doors, both door ties were placed on the same side of the fabric, as opposed to one on each side of the fabric, front and back, in order to be able to properly tie the doors open. We have created a simple fix for this problem. Only a scissor and the “Butterfly Clutch Pin” we have mailed to you are needed. (This is of course only a suggested fix. Feel free to upgrade as you see fit)

Cut off the door tie ribbon closest to the wall fabric. Stick the Back end of the pin into the seam area of the ribbon.

Hold the pin backing in place with one hand and attach the cut ribbon to the pin on the other side with the butterfly clasp.

That’s it! You can now tie your door open. The pin is quite strong and can be left attached when you store your Panoramic Sukkah Wall. You can even put a little liquid paper or white paint on the pin so it doesn’t stand out as much. Thanks for your patience and Happy Sukkot!