So, what is a Panoramic Sukkah?

The Panoramic Sukkah is a 360-degree image of an Israeli landscape printed on fabric that forms the entire wall of a sukkah. 

If you’re starting from scratch, our Panoramic Sukkah Kits include a frame, fabric walls, and optional bamboo schach mats. 

If you already own a sukkah frame, and would like to upgrade your walls in a BIG way, check out our Panoramic Sukkah Fabric Walls.  

Our Single-Wall Sukkah Panels cover a single wall and bring a breath of Israel to your sukkah. 

Panoramic Sukkah Wallpaper will turn any solid-wall sukkah into the Israeli vista of your choice.  

All of our products are available in standard and custom sizes and excepting frames, all can be shipped wordl-wide. 

Finally, we welcome custom jobs and commissions of all sizes – if you can conceive it, we will do our best to create it!

What’s so great about the Panoramic Sukkah?

The Panoramic Sukkah is a dynamic, family-run, Israel-based business.  Headed by photo-artist Eliyahu Ben Ze’ev Alpern, we have a mania for detail and are committed to offering a beautiful, high-quality product at a fair price.  We are polite, honest, reliable, flexible, responsive, and easy to work with!  At the Panoramic Sukkah we are committed to providing each customer with an exceptional service experience. 

The Panoramic Sukkah is…

  • BEAUTIFUL Utilizing 360-degree panoramic photography, Eliyahu Ben Ze’ev, the artist behind the Panoramic Sukkah, has captured breathtaking shots of Israeli vistas from all over the country. 
  • ENGAGING The Panoramic Sukkah has tremendous visual appeal and a serious “Wow!” factor that really draws people in. 
  • ISRAEL IMMERSIVE It really is the next best thing to being in Israel for Sukkot.  Images are high-resolution and the visual detail is truly breathtaking.
  • HIGH QUALITY The Panoramic Sukkah is printed on outdoor banner fabric – a durable wind, flame, and mold-resistant synthetic fabric.  The high-quality, eco-safe, permanent inks used to print the Panoramic Sukkah create a rich, vibrant image – the print is odour-free, waterproof, and UV-stable.  Each Panoramic Sukkah has heavy-duty rust-proof grommets along its perimeter – the same kind favored by sail-makers!  Our Panoramic Sukkah frames (provided by our partners at The Sukkah Project®) are sturdy, durable, economical, and expandable!
  • EASY is a one-stop online shop for all your sukkot needs – walls, frames, and even reusable bamboo schach mats can be shipped to any address in the continental US.  The frames and schach we offer on our site are provided by The Sukkah Project®Sukkah Project® frames are “klutz-proof”, do not require any tools to assemble, and the walls are easy to hang. 
  • ADAPTABLE Replacing part or all of the walls on an existing sukkah frame, or starting from scratch?  Individual wall panel or super-sized Sukkah?  Fabric walls or adhesive stickers for solid panel sukkahs? is happy to work directly with customers to meet their particular needs.
  • MODULAR For particularly large sukkot, or where budget is a concern, it is possible to order different images for different walls or add Panoramic Sukkah panels over the course of several years.
  • A FUNDRAISER Possibility for donor recognition printed directly onto the sukkah walls.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE Besides serving as a sukkah, the fabric walls can be used as decorative banners and backdrops at various Israel events throughout the year. 
  • POTENTIALLY PROFITABLE FOR YOU!  Panoramic Sukkah is a young and growing company.  Our affiliates spread the word about the Panoramic Sukkah and earn a commission on every sale they help to make!

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