For anyone who isn’t yet familiar with the term, an affiliate is an individual, business, or organization that helps another business market a product.  The affiliate is remunerated for her/his efforts – usually earning a percentage of a sale that resulted from her/his marketing efforts. 

For example: Cohen’s Judaica is an established family business – they have operated a brick and mortar storefront for 35 years, and also have an informational website, a blog, a Facebook page, and an e-newsletter.  Cohen’s has a wide circle of loyal clients who know and trust them and shop with them regularly.  When Cohen’s Judaica becomes an affiliate of, their customers gain exposure and access to the Panormaic Sukkah’s beautiful high-quality products.  Now, when Cohen’s recommends one of’s product to their customers – in person, on their website, on social media, or in their e-mail newsletter – Cohen’s Judaica earns a percentage of any sales that result.

If you like our product and are open to sharing some information and links with other people who you believe would also like our Panoramic Sukkah products you can apply to become an affiliate.  Some natural candidates include: synagogues, schools, JCCs, Hillels and other Jewish campus organizations, Jewish lifestyle bloggers, Judaica stores (online and brick and mortar), etc.

Initially, Affiliates earn 10% of the sale price of a product – not including frames, schach, shipping, or any other coupons or discounts.  For example, Congregation ABC refers Baruch to our site, and he purchases a Panoramic Sukkah panel for $500 plus $50 shipping, ABC Congregation will earn $50.  If Baruch used a 10% off coupon, bringing his product cost to $450 plus $50 shipping ABC Congregation will earn $45.  If Baruch ordered a 12X12 Panoramic Sukkah Kit including reusable bamboo schach mats, and paid $1,985:

Fabric Panoramic Sukkah Walls


Tubular Frame








ABC Congregation will earn $100 – 10% of the Fabric Panoramic Sukkah Wall cost.

Affiliates earn:

10% of the first $5,000 in Panoramic Sukkah Wall sales generated per season;

15% on any sales of Panoramic Sukkah Walls from $5,001 to $10,000;

And 20% on anything beyond $10,001 in sales of Panoramic Sukkah Walls.

We “reset” each season on January 1st.

On your website, on your blog, on social media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc., in your newsletter – electronic or hard copy, on flyers, or the ever popular highway billboard!

On our website, we provide affiliates with photos, banners, text, links, and social media posts that can be shared as is, or used to craft your own marketing materials.

We sell a distinctively seasonal product, so most of our sales occur in Elul as well as during and just after Sukkot.  We generally kick off our marketing for the year during the summer months.  In the off season, we offer early-bird discounts and work with institutions on large orders.   

Panoramic Sukkah affiliates are paid quarterly.

Panoramic Sukkah affiliates are paid by PayPal.  If you would like us to cut you a check, a $10 processing and shipping fee will be deducted from your affiliate earnings.

If anything is unclear, or you have any questions, please do get in touch – we will be happy to clarify.  We can be reached by phone at +1 888 414 1575 (toll free in the US and Canada).

+972 54 246 1191 – Israeli cellular phone and WhatsApp.


Please be aware that we are located in Israel – GMT+2 – seven to ten hours ahead of the USA and Canada.