Bring your ENTIRE Kehilla to Eretz Yisro’el for Succos – EVERY SINGLE YEAR!

Beit HaMikdash Panoramic Sukkah - Sukkah Panel -

Imagine stepping into your Beit Chabad’s sukkah this chag and feeling transported to Eretz Yisro’el.  Imagine the delighted surprise on your guests’ faces when they discover that their holiday meal is being served in the Kotel Plaza, on Har haZeytim, or in the Negev Desert.  Imagine the impact of your kiruv and chinuch work when feasting, hosting, and teaching in your Beit Chabad’s sukkah surrounded by a beautiful vista of Eretz haKodesh! 

What is it?

The Panoramic Sukkah is a sukkah wall printed floor-to-schach with breathtaking panoramic images of Eretz Yisro’el

We offer fabric walls, as well as stickers for solid-wall panel sukkot.  In partnership with The Sukkah Project®, we can also supply sukkah frames and optional reusable bamboo schach mats!


What’s On Offer?

The Panoramic Sukkah is pleased to offer Batei Chabad an exclusive bulk purchasing discount! 

How Does It Work?

Place your order by Monday the 1st of Elul (August 9, 2021) to get 20% off on all Panoramic Sukkah walls.  Collective Panoramic Sukkah wall sales over $15,000 could yield the group even higher discounts!

Collective Sales Percentage Discount
$1 – $15,000 20%
$15,001 – $30,000 25%
$30,0001+ 30%

So if Chabad Shluchim purchase $10,000 of Panoramic Sukkah walls (fabric or stickers), everyone gets 20% off.  When the group purchases Panoramic Sukkah walls valued at $20,000, everyone gets 25% off.  The more you spend as a group, the more each individual Beit Chabad saves!

When placing your order, you will use coupon code CHABAD50 to pay a 50% deposit.  During the first week of Elul, we will begin sending out invoices for the remaining 20% to 30% of the MSRP – depending on the volume of total sales.  Panoramic Sukkah products will be supplied during the second half of Elul 5780.

Why work with us? 

  • We are honest, reliable, flexible, and committed to offering a beautiful, high-quality product at a fair price. 
  • We are polite, responsive, easy to work with, and committed to providing exceptional customer service.
  • We are a young, dynamic, growing, Israel-based family business.
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Why Purchase a Panoramic Sukkah?

Beautiful Utilizing 360-degree panoramic photography, Eliyahu Ben Ze’ev, the artist behind the Panoramic Sukkah, has captured breathtaking shots vistas from all over Eretz haKodesh.

Engaging The Panoramic Sukkah has a serious “Wow!” factor that really draws people in.

Chabad of Hartford Panoramic Sukkah Experience - Create a Sponsored Event Around Your Panoramic Sukkah
Chabad of Hartford Panoramic Sukkah Experience – Create a Sponsored Event Around Your Panoramic Sukkah

Israel Immersive Each Panoramic Sukkah is bursting with visual detail – reach out and grab an apple from Jerusalem’s famed Machane Yehuda market, feel the cool mist from the Banias waterfall – it’s almost like being there in person.

Variable Replacing some or all of the walls on an existing sukkah frame, or starting from scratch?  Individual wall panel or super-sized Sukkah?  Fabric walls or adhesive wallpaper for solid panel sukkahs? offers a wide array of products to meet your Beit Chabad’s needs.

Easy is a one-stop online shop for all your sukkot needs – walls, frames, and even reusable bamboo schach can be shipped to any address in the continental US.  The frames we offer are supplied by The Sukkah Project® – they are “klutz-proof” and do not require any tools to assemble!

High Quality The Panoramic Sukkah is printed on durable wind, flame, and mold-resistant synthetic fabric. The high-quality, eco-safe, permanent inks used to print the Panoramic Sukkah create a rich, vibrant image – the print is waterproof and UV-stable.  Each Panoramic Sukkah has heavy-duty rust-proof grommets along its perimeter – the same kind favored by sail-makers!  Our Panoramic Sukkah frames supplied by The Sukkah Project® are sturdy, durable, economical, and expandable!

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Beit HaMikdash Sukkah Wall Panel -
Beit HaMikdash Sukkah Wall Panel -

Multi-purpose  Besides serving as a sukkah, the fabric walls can be used as decorative banners and backdrops at various Israel events throughout the year.

Modular  For particularly large sukkot, or where budget is a concern, it is possible to order different images for different walls or add Panoramic Sukkah panels over the course of several years.

Donor Recognition  Possibility for donor recognition printed directly onto the sukkah walls.

Colaborative  On campuses where several organizations serve the Jewish student body, the Panoramic Sukkah can be cooperatively funded!

Ancillary Revenue  Panoramic Sukkah is a young and growing company.  Your Beit Chabad is welcome to become an affiliate of and earn a commission on every Sukkah you sell in your Kehilla!

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