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Savannah Pigeons
Savannah Pigeons

Pigeons.  Savannah.  1977.

In one of my most vivid childhood memories, we are on a family trip to Savannah – I am ten years old – my father is yelling at me because I borrowed his camera and filled the remainder of the 35mm roll of (expensive) film – with photos of pigeons.  

Olympus Photo PC 550
Olympus Photo PC 550. Circa 1997

Jerusalem.  1997.  Deliverance.

With its promise of nearly endless (nearly free!) photos, I was an early adopter of digital photo technology.  I bought my first digital camera in 1997 – an Olympus Photo PC 550; it had no screen, no memory card, and a photo resolution of 640 X 480.  It connected to the computer with a serial cable and it took 30 minutes to download a batch of pictures…it cost me $500.  A few years later, when I upgraded to a camera with a memory card slot, a 256 megabyte memory card cost me $250 – that’s right, folks – nearly $1 per MEGAbyte!

iPhone 11 - 12 MegaPixel Camera
iPhone 11 - 12 MegaPixel Camera

Planet Earth.  2020.  Too much of a good thing…

Today, a 12 megapixel camera is a standard feature of many smart phones – producing an image 39 times more dense than my old Olympus.  64 GIGAbytes of phone storage (with plenty more available in the cloud) is absolutely commonplace!  Every day we photograph, send, and receive images of incredible richness, depth, and clarity – and view them on a screen slightly larger than a book of postage stamps (remember those?)! 

Most of us are walking around with several gigabytes of precious family memories in our back pocket, but we spend our days absorbed by a tiny screen, awash in an endless flow of mundane visual clutter.

Just scrolling along...

Where am I going with all this?

Our smart phone allows us to snap and share a near-endless number of high-resolution images so easily – but mostly, our photos remain trapped in a tiny box!  How often do we print our photos so that we can enjoy them IRL (in real life)?

Friends, I am determined to do my small part for the PLP – the Photo Liberation Front!  It’s time to free your photos from your phone and invite them into your Sukkah!  So without further ado, allow me to present the Panoramic Sukkah‘s newest product!

Custom Photo Mosaic Sukkah Panel - Buy Sukkah 2020
Custom photo-mosaic panel in your sukkah!

Introducing the Custom Photo-Mosaic Sukkah Panel

Liberate your photos from your phone and invite them into your Sukkah!  The Custom Photo-Mosaic Sukkah Panel is an opportunity to curate, print, and display your precious family memories for all to enjoy!

Design a mosaic that reflects your experiences, your creativity, your values!  Include your children’s artwork, or your own – we’ll be happy to integrate it into your collage!

Send us family photos from the past year, or the past 100 years – we will craft them into a photo mosaic you can enjoy in your sukkah for years to come!

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