The Beit HaMikdash Panoramic Sukkah Wall Panel

1. Cash in on Existing Customers

The first sale is always the hardest; our Panoramic Sukkah Murals are easily marketed to customers who bought Sukkot from you in the past!

2. On Trend

The product – a sukkah mural,

the style – Israel, and

the producers – a small family business based in Israel’s beautiful (and lately somewhat beleaguered) north.

3. Competitively Priced

Panoramic Sukkah Murals’ MSRPs are comparable to other sukkah mural products – only much MUCH nicer.

4. New and Fresh

This is the first year we are wholesaling Panoramic Sukkah Murals at this price – get in early and reach your customers while Panoramic Sukkah Murals are relatively new to the market!

5. Beautiful and Original

Panoramic Sukkah Murals offer high-quality, detailed images lovingly captured and thoughtfully curated by an Israeli artist – not schlocky stock images produced from mediocre unlicensed files.

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The Kotel Western Wall Single Wall Sukkah Mural - Buy Sukkah Online 

6. Impeccable, Uncompromising, Premium Quality

  • The fabric is a durable, mold-resistant, woven polyester weighing 100 grams per square meter;
  • we use spurred, rust-proof grommets – the same ones favored by sailmakers;
  • the inks are water proof and UV-stable – they will not run in the rain or fade in the sun; and
  • the image is rich and detailed, even close up!

Cared for properly, Panoramic Sukkah Murals will last for many MANY sukkot holidays.

7. Lightweight

Cheap for you to ship – easy for your customers to hang!

8. Uniquely Striking

Panoramic Sukkah Murals are BREATHTAKING – really, there is NOTHING comparable on the market.

The Shuk Machaneh Yehudah Panoramic Sukkah Wall Panel

9. Hidur Mitzvah

Offer your customers the opportunity to enhance the beauty and kedusha of their Sukkot holiday with breathtaking images of Eretz Yisra’el.

Sukkah Wall Panel Tower of David Jerusalem

10. A Truly Immersive Israel Experience

Panoramic Sukkah Murals create a portal from your customers’ sukkah into their favorite Israeli vista!

11. Capitalize on pent up demand!

Since Simchat Torah, it has been especially challenging to travel to Israel and soak up its unique beauty and energy in person.  Panoramic Sukkah Murals offer a GIANT dose of Israel – at a time when people are especially looking to surround themselves with the beauty and kedusha of Eretz Yisra’el.

12. No Middle Person, No Markups!

Panoramic Sukkah Murals are created by an Israeli artist and are sold by his small, family-run business – so you get the best product at the BEST price!

13. Variety, Variety, Variety

With 10 images to choose from, every customer can find a favorite – whether they prefer nature, holy sites, or markets.

14. Eco-Sensitive

Utilizing pigment-based dyes on fabric, our murals won’t off gas toxic noxious fumes into your customers’ sukkot.

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The Kotel Western Wall Single Wall Sukkah Mural - Buy Sukkah Online