Make sure your Panoramic Sukkah arrives in time for Sukkot 2023/5784! Order by Erev Rosh haShana - Friday September 15th!

The Panoramic Sukkah VR, AR, and 3D!

“The Kotel at Night” 8×16 Panoramic Sukkah Kit

This is a test, just a test of the new Panoramic Sukkah 3D, virtual reality system. I like to call the Panoramic Sukkah “UN-Virtual Reality”. By that I mean, Virtual Reality made REAL. Panoramic Photography, which is often used in VR headsets and on your screen, now printed onto your Sukkah Walls, which you live inside of for one week, transporting you to a different reality, the Land of Israel. Now we are bringing VR (Virtual Reality) and, eventually AR (Augmented Reality), to our website but showing our products in an interactive 3D format. I hope that this will help you understand the Panoramic Sukkah “experience”. We welcome your feedback. Enjoy!

The Kotel at Night – Panoramic Sukkah Kit

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